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How to Build a Bulletproof Company Culture -- GET NAKED!

Lencioni_getting_naked In this new and provocative book, Pat unveils a revolutionary approach to client service that yields uncommon levels of trust and loyalty.

In Getting Naked, Pat challenges service providers to be completely transparent and vulnerable with clients in order to overcome the three fears that ultimately sabotage client allegiance.

Written for internal or external consultants, financial advisors or anyone serving long-term clients, Getting Naked will provide powerful, actionable tools to help readers overcome the three fears and gain a real, lasting competitive advantage.


CLICK HERE to read a great article based on this book from INC Magazine entitled "How to Build a Bulletproof Company Culture"

CLICK HERE to access all the free resources provided by the author including the outline of the model, a summary article, author Q&A, brief examples of the Getting Naked Approach.



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