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Teamwork Cards -- the teambuilding games kit that fits in your pocket

Teamwork Cards
The Teambuilding Games Kit That Fits In Your Pocket

A super portable multi-use teambuilding resource from Tom Heck, President and Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.

Use this unique set of 30 laminated multi-use cards to lead 25 fun, engaging, and thought provoking teamwork activities.



FREE Teamwork Cards BOOK Included - - $25 value

Includes all lead-it-yourself instructions!



BOOK includes details on:

  • 20 Game Descriptions PLUS Variations
  • 5 Debriefing Activities PLUS Variations
  • Game Objective
  • Skills Developed
  • Set Up / Preparation
  • Presenting the Challenge
  • Rules
  • Safety Warning
  • Suggested “Story Line”
  • Facilitator Notes
  • Game Debriefing Suggestions
  • And more!


Badari (2) "It is my privilege and honor to acknowledge Tom's contributions to Experiential Education.  In my opinion he is a "Master GURU" of this industry.  "Teamwork Cards" are a classic example of his work and experience.  The book provides easy to follow instructions and outlines all the basic factors which any facilitator needs to know prior to facilitating these activities. I strongly recommend Teamwork Cards for educators, teachers, community leaders, trainers and managers who want to establish positive and nurturing relationships with the groups they're working with"   

Badari Ambatti
Program Manager, Customized Programs
New York City Outward Bound School


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FREE Teamwork Cards DVD Included - -$30 value

Shows all 20 games in action! 

Teamwork_Cards_DVD_med When you want to learn a teambuilding game fast and easy, video is the next best thing to attending a live workshop.

The Teamwork Cards BOOK is filled with photographs to help you understand how to lead all 20 of the teamwork games.  As good as photographs are at communicating an idea (“a picture is worth a thousand words”), video is far superior to getting the idea across quickly and easily. 

Over the course of three years, I shot video of all 20 of the Teamwork Cards games in action with real groups, edited it and then compiled them on this DVD.  The result is an invaluable resource - - a virtual how-to-lead-it workshop you can access 24 hours a day whenever you need it! 

It took me several years and thousands of dollars to produce this DVD training resource and I could easily sell it as an "add on" for $30 or even $50 HOWEVER, I'm going to send you the DVD for FREE when you order the cards.  I’m that committed to helping you learn how to become the ultimate teambuilder!

With the Teamwork Cards, you'll be able to lead teambuilding games that teach vital team skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Confidence

Who needs the Teamwork Cards, book and DVD?

  • Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Educators
  • Coaches
  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Counselors
  • Team Leaders



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US/Canada = $8
Intl = $15  



Marty_okeefe_2 "Tom Heck has once again taken his passion for creatively working with groups and developed an incredibly valuable tool that will enhance your abilities to make a difference with the groups you facilitate. His thoughtful insights into how to assist groups in making connections through games and processing activities come through in this book. The combination of individual plans for each activity, along with the DVD showing the games in action, makes this book extremely easy to put the Teamwork Cards into action with your groups right away! This book provides teamwork facilitators the opportunity to take their skills to the next level and in the process transform the teams they serve. Thank you Tom!"

Marty O’Keefe
Professor of Outdoor Leadership
Warren Wilson College

Teambuilding Fun & Variety

What kind of teambuilding games can you lead with the Teamwork Cards?  Games that work in all situations - - from the classroom to the boardroom:

  • Games for small teams
  • Activities for large groups
  • Fast moving games
  • Games requiring slow, thoughtful, and deliberate action
  • Icebreakers and get-to-know you games
  • Activities requiring physical strength
  • Challenges requiring brain power
  • Trust building activities
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Games to enhance communication skills


What's Printed On The Teamwork Cards?

I've been developing the 30 Teamwork Cards for several years. I've tested various information systems on the cards with teambuilding clients and have removed some content and replaced it with other content.  The cards have content on the front and back that allow them to be used for a number of different teambuilding games and debrifing activities.

Teamwork_card_front_jpg_smTeamwork_card_back_jpg_sm On the front of the Teamwork Cards you'll find an full color "metaphor" image, leadership trait/characteristic, large blue number, and a Leadership Coaching Question.

On the back of the Teamwork Cards you'll find an inspirational leadership quote, large red letter, and an "Evolutionary Progression".

Evolutionary Progressions are a unique training tool developed by Thomas Leonard (1955 - 2003) who many consider to be the father of leadership coaching.  Dave Buck is the CEO of and is responsible for maintaining the intellectualy property of Thomas Leonard.  Dave was so excited about the Teamwork Cards project that he worked exclusively with me to include Evolutionary Progressions on the cards

The Teamwork Cards are laminated and arrive at your door in a clear plastic carrying case so you can easily keep track of your cards and travel with them anywhere.

A quick word about lamination.  You'll find most card sets that are available in the market place are NOT laminated and I understand why.  Lamination is expensive and it adds a lot of weight which increases cost of shipping.  We could have covered the cards with some else, something less expensive and less durable but laminated cards are super durable which means they will last much longer for you.


How About A Sample Game?

So you can have a full taste for what you'll have within your grasp when you order your set of Teamwork Cards, here's a sample game from the book - - it's called "Word Race".

The group starts behind a line and then sends a small team out to a "spelling line" where, using the Teamwork Cards, they spell a word and then race back.  The group tries to spell as many words as possible before time runs out.  The team sets a "record" during round one and then tries to beat their record during round two and three.  This teambuilding game requires a great deal of coordination, planning, and teamwork.  The written instructions provide all the details for leading this game yourself AND tips on how to debrief (process) the game with your group.

Watch a video of “Word Race” below


Ed_nottingham “Could you do a teambuilding activity for us? How many times are we asked this?  How many times have we wished we had a resource in-hand so we could deliver a teambuilding experience without having to rely on someone else? Whether leaders of teams, consultants, or working in human resources (HR), organizational development (OD), or in other areas, teambuilding activities are often needed.  Tom Heck’s latest book Teamwork Cards is an amazing resource that provides 25 teambuilding activities that are straightforward and an easy to deliver. With the Teamwork Cards in hand, leaders, trainers, facilitators, consultants, and others will be well equipped to deliver, facilitate, and debrief teambuilding activities that will certainly hit the mark.”

Ed Nottingham, PhD
Clinical/Consulting Psychologist
Leadership Coach


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100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee I’m so confident you’ll love the Teamwork Cards, book and DVD and find them to be a must-have training resource that I guarantee your satisfaction.  If you aren’t 100% satisfied with this teamwork resource then I’ll quickly refund your money.  Just ship the package back to me with a note explaining what happened and I’ll process your refund. 




Special Bonus Material Included

During production of the book and the DVD I ran out of room to include everything in the pages of the book and the DVD.  I guess I could have added more pages to the book but I needed to watch the weight of the entire package (cards, book, DVD).  I definitely ran out of room on the DVD - - I just couldn't fit anymore video in.

To get you more special bonus features I had to create a special website (provided when you buy the book) where you'll be able to access over two hours of special bonus audio programs plus a unique downloadable PDF that will help you more fully understand and utilize the full color metaphor images on the cards.


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I've devoted my life to teaching win-win team consciousness worldwide and doing it in a fun and memorable way.  As the President and Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators I’m leading a community of over 40,000 trainers, facilitators, coaches, educators, and team leaders of all kinds in 105 countries.  The Teamwork Cards represent my latest effort at creating a teambuilding training tool that is both supremely effective and fun to use.

Tomheck100 Sincerely,

Tom Heck
President and Founder
International Association of Teamwork Facilitators




For bulk orders of 10 or more Teamwork Cards we are happy to quote you a volume discount. 

More praise for Teamwork Cards!

Craig_wallace "Hi Tom, this resource comes right at the perfect time! We've just started updating our product and activity details and I was going to trawl the Internet and hit the books for some inspiration. You've just saved me hours of work. I also love the way you've set out the explanatory notes for each activity. My staff training notes are now done for me too! If this resource gets used as much as we've used your 101 Team Building Ideas DVDs we'll just about wear out the DVD player!"

Craig Wallace
Tebu Teambuilding Australia



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US/Canada = $8
Intl = $15





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