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Free Leadership Survey from Lance Secretan

Dr. Lance Secretan has created a free leadership survey.  Lance is an IATF Visiting Faculty Member and not only is he a brilliant guy, he is also a wonderful person.

Vector Personal Leadership Survey provides you with a unique window into the leadership styles of individuals, and the relationships between leaders and others. It will show you:

  • How you see yourself as a leader
  • How you think others see you as a leader
  • How others actually see you as a leader
  • How you compare as a leader to the rest of your leadership team

While there are numerous 360 degree surveys available, until now, very few of them asked the right questions or dig deep enough to gauge the true condition of the relationship between a leader and his or her peers, and those to whom he or she reports, as well as those who are being led.

This new, cutting-edge instrument is available for organizations that seek to ask deeper questions which uncover the secrets of strengthening relationships in organizations with COURAGE and INSPIRATION....two essential keys for building world class organizations.

CLICK HERE to access the free version of this Personal Leadership Survey.


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