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How the Common Good Is Transforming Our World

Douglas LaBier, a psychologist and psychotherapist, writes a nice article on the rise of "the common good" and how it will transform our world.

From the article:

By the "common good" I'm referring to a broad evolution beyond values and actions that serve narrow self-interest, and towards those guided by inclusiveness -- supporting well-being, economic success, security, human rights and stewardship of resources for the benefit of all, rather than just for some.

The rise of the common good reflects a sense of global citizenship and an obligation to be a good ancestor to future generations who inhabit this planet. In fact, it embodies behavior and policies that fit the needs for effective functioning -- both personal and political -- in our post-9/11, post-economic meltdown world.

Through our work in the arena of team and leadership development, we our part of this movement to transform the world and enhance the common good.

Read the full article HERE.


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