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Virtual Teamwork Tool from Google: Google Plus Hangouts with Extras

Do you lead a virtual team that meets weekly?  If yes then you need to know about Google Plus Hangouts with Extras.

  • Video chat for up to 10 people
  • Document sharing
  • Chat
  • Screen sharing

All in one easy to use screen and it's all FREE!

I use this technology when teaching the "Death By Meeting" system to Virtual Teams.  It is especially helpful when identifying a Thematic Goal and Defining Objectives.


Inspiring Story of Teamwork: The 9-11 Boatlift

Tom Hanks narrates the epic story of the 9/11 boatlift that evacuated half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan.

BOATLIFT premiered on September 8th at the 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Summit: Remembrance/Renewal/Resilience in Washington. The Summit kicked off a national movement to foster community and national resilience in the face of future crises. See to become a part of the campaign to build a more resilient world.

Thank you to IATF member Rabbi Shmuly Rothman for pointing us to this video.


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SWOT Analysis -- How to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

When a team gathers to make a decision it can be beneficial to first take the team through a SWOT Analysis.

SWOT analysis may be used in any decision-making situation when a desired end-state (objective) has been defined.

SWOT analysis may also be used in pre-crisis planning and preventive crisis management.

SWOT analysis may also be used in creating a recommendation during a viability study / survey.

Identification of SWOTs is essential because subsequent steps in the process of planning for achievement of the selected objective may be derived from the SWOTs.

CLICK HERE for the Wikipedia entry on SWOT Analysis.


Amazing Conference! Association for Experiential Education -- 39th Annual International Conference in Jacksonville, Florida

We here at the IATF are big fans of the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and I'm excited to tell you about the 39th Annual International AEE Conference.

Experiential educators from around the world will be in Jacksonville, Florida between November 3 - 6, 2011 for this event.  Some of the best and brightest who work in the team and leadership development arena will be on hand leading some great workshops.  Presenters include Sam Sykes, Michelle Cummings, Karl Rohnke, Jim Grout, and Michael Gass among many others!

IATF member Sushil Bhasin is traveling all the way from India to deliver a great workshop entitled "From College To Corporate."  Sushil is a former officer in the Indian Army and now owns a training and development company called Empowered Activity Camps.

If you're interested in team and leadership development, facilitation, training, and networking with brilliant people, this is the event for you!

CLICK HERE to learn more and register!


Home Study Courses



Virtual Team Leader   Home Study Program

Learn How To Lead Virtual Teams In This Dynamic Home Study Program! Are you new to leading virtual teams?  The Virtual Team Leader is a fast-track training program designed for managers and supervisors who need the must-know skills to get up and running successfully with virtual teams NOW.  You'll learn the essential strategies, tactics and tools needed to lead a virtual team.  If you're new to leading Virtual Teams this program is for you.  This is a digital download product - - receive immediate access to a password protected website and begin learning now!

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Teams_in_trouble_iconTeams In Trouble   Home Study Program

A Holistic Approach To Facilitating The Ten Most Compelling Team Dilemmas!  If you’ve been working with teams for any length of time then you’ve experienced one or more of the 10 most compelling team dilemmas. These dilemmas, if not addressed, will sink a team. Now, imagine having both the skill and confidence to facilitate a team through any one of these 10 dilemmas and doing it in a practical and holistic way. For the first time ever, you can learn time-tested strategies, tactics and tools that two of North America’s most experienced team facilitators use to guide a team through these 10 dilemmas in this "Teams In Trouble" Train-The-Trainer Home Study Program.

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Law of Attraction for Teamwork Facilitators, Trainers, and Coaches   Home Study Program

A powerful force is at work in your life right now called the Law of Attraction. At this very moment it's attracting people, customers, situations and relationships into your life. The problem is, not all of those things are the way you want them. But there's a straightforward way to change that. If you're ready to take the next step this IATF Home Study Program is for you!  Best selling author and LoA expert Michael Losier is your trainer for this program especially designed for teamwork facilitators, trainers, and coaches.  This is a digital download product - - receive immediate access to a password protected website and begin learning now!

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