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Teaching Teamwork at the North Carolina Youth Giving Summit


IATF member and good friend Eric Rowls invited me to present two leadership development workshops at the recent North Carolina Youth Giving Summit.  The video above is a news spot on TV about the event.

Eric is the president of Leading To Change and also heads up the North Carolina Youth Giving Network.

Eric and his inspired team are doing amazing work with youth and those who work with youth. Eric has surrounded himself with outstanding people which makes for events that run smoothly and are high energy.

Eric and his team are experts at "production" - - the music, lighting, balloons, signs, check-in, handouts, gifts for participants, food, name tags, snacks, seating, etc.  When you walk into a Leading To Change event you immediately know you're about to experience something special.

In the above video from the TV news crew you'll see me leading a game involving tennis balls - - I call this game "Tennis Ball Madness" and I used it to help the students learn what "lose-lose", "win-lose", and "win-win" feel like.  I've led this same game with a wide variety of groups (corporate groups, nonprofits, health care, educators, students, military).  The game is a powerful learning opportunity.

Click on the link below to download lead-it-yourself directions to the game:

Download TennisBallMadness

Watch the instructional video of the game here:


Eric Rowles

Everyone who knows or who has worked with Tom knows that he brings a fantastic mix of knowledge, talent, energy, and a passion for teamwork to any and every event. We were so fortunate to partner with Tom for this annual conference - the 2011 NC Youth Giving Summit. And we're even more excited for our continued work with each other between Tom and Leading To Change in the near future. Thanks Tom for all that you shared with the NC young people this past weekend...

from all of your friends and fans at Leading To Change!

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