To Bring Out The Best In Millennials, Put On Your Coaching Hat
Team Batman & Robin -- Cameos from bat-climbs

Leadership, Teamwork and the "Generation Global"

Many Boomers in management and supervisory roles have expressed the challenges of leading "Gen-Y" and "Millennials" (click here).

Some are calling the newest generation to enter the work for "Globals" and National Public Radio has an interesting report on this generation.  CLICK HERE to access the free recording.

Are you wondering how to lead this generation? Motivation wont' work.  This generation is all about INSPIRATION.  Do you know the difference between "motivation" and "inspiration"? Your success and the success of your team/organization will depend on your understanding of this distinction.  Read about the "Inspiration Economy" in my open letter at the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program website.

Globals_1Jennifer Larr (center), 24, is seen here in Rwanda at the Gashora Girls Academy where she was a teacher in 2011. Larr is part of a new generation of young adults focusing on travel, studying abroad and global experiences.


"They understand this idea of a shared fate, or a linked fate. That somehow, what happens to somebody in Mumbai may have an effect on me in West Los Angeles."
- Franklin Gilliam, dean, UCLA's Luskin School of Public Affairs


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