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Mark Collard: How to Sequence Activities for Powerful and Rewarding Outcomes -- IATF Free Leadership Webinar


The recording of this leadership webinar is available for free in the IATF Members Only Area.

==> Download the free article from Mark Collard entitled "What Is An Ice Breaker?" in the IATF Members Only Area.

Do you design and lead team building events?

Have you ever wondered how to sequence your activities in a way that creates the most powerful learning opportunities?

In this free and interactive webinar, we will explore the critical importance of appropriately sequencing experiential learning activities so you can create the most powerful and rewarding outcomes possible for your group.

Learning goals for this webinar:

  1. Discover a simple three-step, universally-applicable model for preparing groups for their 'peak' experience.
  2. Understand what makes an ice-breaker an ice-breaker as distinct from any other experience.
  3. Learn why having fun is the most potent tool available to facilitators to engage people and invite participation.

This Webinar will be interactive - - you'll be able to chat with our guest speaker and ask him your questions directly.  It's "just in time" training and development! 

About Our Special Guest

Mark_collardMark Collard is one of Australia's most experienced and qualified adventure educators, and one of a very small number of international facilitators working with Project Adventure Inc – a global non-profit organisation that trains others in the use of group-based activities and facilitation.

Mark is the author of the top-selling activity publications 'No Props: Great Games with No Equipment' and ‘Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work.’ He worked as a Senior Trainer for Project Adventure when the business was first established in Australia during the 1990s. He now works as an independent facilitator throughout Australia, USA and south-east Asia.

Mark has recently launched a comprehensive online resource of play and adventure-based activities called, featuring activity descriptions, videos, illustrations & leadership tips for 100s of activities.

Mark has been struck by lightning twice, can’t back-up a car towing a trailer to save himself and has camped on the lawns of Australia’s Parliament House for three days (as part of a logging protest). He lives in Melbourne with his gorgeous wife Gilly and son Devon.

Event Details


How to Sequence Activities for Powerful and Rewarding Outcomes


Wednesday   October 17, 2012


Starts at 9 pm  Eastern (NY City time zone)
runs for 60 minutes
NOTE:  The late (for East Coast US) start time is required because our special guest lives in Australia - - 14 hours ahead!


Mark Collard, author, adventure educator, founder of and

Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


Registration is not necessary.  The webinar will take place on this same web page.  Be here on Wednesday October 17, 2012 at 9 pm EST (NY City time zone) and you'll see a LIVE broadcast which includes chat.  There is no phone number to call.  Everything is free.


This event is FREE.


This call will be recorded and posted in the IATF Members Only Area.


Watch this video of Mark Collard describing a team building activity that requires creative problem solving.