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Leadership Webinar: Katie Spotz -- Leadership lessons learned while rowing solo across the ocean



In 2010 Katie Spotz rowed a tiny boat 3,038 miles across the Atlantic Ocean all by herself. Katie was 22 years old then and she set the new world record for such a feat!

Throughout her row, Katie wasn’t just seeking to make history. She was also raising money, for the Blue Planet Network, a San Francisco-based non-profit funding safe drinking water projects around the world. As interest grew in Katie’s amazing exploits, donations came flooding in and, at the moment, the total stands at over $150,000.

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie at the November 2012 TEDx Asheville event where she was a presenter. Katie's amazing story thrilled the audience and her inspirational message was one I thought everyone in the IATF community would benefit from.

Katie describes herself as having been the “benchwarmer” throughout her life. However, there came a time when she made a discovery:

You don’t have to be extraordinary to achieve incredible things.

In this live an interactive Webinar Katie will share her story and the leadership lessons her incredible journey provided her.

Have you been thinking about how 2012 went for you?

Have you been thinking about setting big (even scary) goals for 2013?

Join us for this live and interactive Webinar to learn how you can achieve incredible things in 2013.

Event Details


Rowing Solo Across the Ocean -- Lessons on leadership and perserverence with Katie Spotz


Wednesday   December 5, 2012


Starts at 11 am  Eastern (NY City time zone)
runs for 60 minutes


Katie Spotz, world record holder for youngest woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean

Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


Registration is not necessary.  The Webinar will take place on this same web page.  Be here on Wednesday December 5, 2012 at 11 am EST (NY City time zone) and you'll see a LIVE broadcast which includes chat.  There is no phone number to call.  Everything is free.


This event is FREE.


This Webinar was recorded and is available for free in the new IATF Members Only Area. Become a member for FREE and watch the video for FREE.  Membership information is HERE.



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