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Leadership Webinar (Google Hangout) with Bill Treasurer -- "Leaders Open Doors"

Leadership Skills Google Hangout (Webinar): Author and Performance Coach Achim Nowak shares secrets for creating profound interpersonal connections for explosive business success


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What is the best way for you to get ahead?

Answer:  Stop Communicating and Start Connecting!

Technology has transformed the way we communicate. We send and receive more and more emails every day. We text. We tweet. We have reduced our communications down to efficient sound bites—and at the same time, many of us seem to know less and less about how to connect. Deeply, profoundly connect.   

In this special IATF Google Hangout (webinar), acclaimed performance coach Achim Nowak will share his powerful 4 Levels of Connection.

1. Talk Level -- The essential skills to creating meaningful conversations

2. Power Level -- How to harness your own personal power

3. Intent Level -- How to show up alert, with purpose and full awareness of your goals

4. Energy Level -- The heart and soul level at which connections happen, personal energy makes for the depest and most lasting connections

Tested and honed through 15 years of coaching senior-level executives around the globe, Nowak’s techniques instantly transform the skills taught in traditional business communication and NLP programs.

People who connect deeply with others connect on these 4 levels: They shape conversations with effortless grace, and they play consciously with the unspoken elements of a connection—personal power, intention, and energy. The result? Infectious connections that accelerate personal success!   

offers simple language cues that deepen and shift the art of conversation. It breaks the idea of power into five tangible plugs that we can turn to—and turn on. These plugs recharge the quality of our connection with anyone we meet.

This book demystifies the experience of energy—the deepest of the four levels, and the root of any connection. It looks at how we access our energy. Remove energy blocks. Play with energy and own it.   

Join us for the live and interactive Google Hangout (webinar) and learn how to reshape the hidden forces of connection into simple, step-by-step actions. 

Event Details


How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within


Thursday   May 2, 2013


Starts at 1 pm  Eastern (NY City time zone)

runs for 60 minutes


Achim Nowak, Author and Performance Coach

Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


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This event is FREE.


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