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If you're a regular reader of this IATF blog you know I'm passionate about team and leadership development, particularly when it comes to kids. One of my other passions is being a great father to my son and daughter.

While staffing a recent The Leader In Me SYMPOSIUM, I met Mr. Jonathan Catherman who is the author of the new book The Manual To Manhood. Jonathan works as a Senior Consultant with FranklinCovey and he was a keynote speaker at this event attended by 600 teachers from across the Southeast US. 

Jonathan and I shared our experiences helping our sons make the transition from boy to man. We feel strongly that fathers can do so much to help a boy become a man and thus, create more conscious thoughtful leaders in the world.

How does a boy become a man?

I've been fascinated with this question for five years. I started exploring this when my son was about to celebrate his 10th birthday. I realized, like many parents, that life was moving by so quickly. It seemed my son was just born  and before too long he would be all grown up!

I called some other dads, friends who also had sons about to turn 10, and we started a father-son program that has been meeting every month. Our goal is to help our sons make the transition from boy to man in a good way. 

The journey to Manhood is something that is earned. One does not become a man by simply growing older. 

The world needs real men. By "real" I mean this - - the world needs men who live by higher standards. 

Jonathan Catherman
says "Real men don't believe that the kind of car they drive, how much they drink, or the number of girls they get are what make them a man. Real men know that personal maturity transforms boys into men. Maturity is a practiced skill and is best demonstrated when a man knows how to do the right thing, the right way, at the right time, for the right reason. Even when nobody is looking."

This is Webinar is for you if:

  • You have a son or know someone who does.
  • You're a teacher or counselor.
  • You're interested in how to help boys make the transition to manhood.
  • You're interested in leadership development.

In this Webinar you'll get a chance to hear one of the foremost speakers on helping boys transition into men AND you'll get to ask your questions!

About our special guest Jonathan Catherman

Jonathan_catherman_smJonathan Catherman is a leading education trainer specializing in the character and leadership development of youth. An award-winning cultural strategist, Jonathan speaks worldwide about the principles and strengths that empower greatness in children, teens, and young adults. The father of two sons, he sees daily the importance guys place on gaining respect and avoiding embarrassment. As both a parent and a professional, Jonathan is committed to assisting young men in the making to experience success and significance as they mature into manhood and lifelong leadership. 


Event Details


How To Help Boys Become Men -- The Leadership Journey


Wednesday   April 23, 2014


Starts at 1 pm Eastern (NY City time zone) and runs 60 minutes


Jonathan Catherman, author of "The Manual To Manhood"

Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


This event is FREE.




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