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Authors and Thought Leaders Interviewed for the IATF Community

Authors and Thought Leaders Interviewed for the IATF Community

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Seth Godin -- Author of multiple NY Times Best Sellers (interviewed Seth multiple times)

Dan Pink -- Author of the NY Times best seller A Whole New Mind and DRIVE

Dr. Ken Blanchard -- Author of multiple NY Times Best Sellers

Jack Canfield -- Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of The Success Principles

David Allen -- Author of the NY Times best seller Getting Things Done

Parker Palmer -- Founder of the Center for Courage & Renewal and author of multiple best sellers including Let Your Life Speak - Listening for the Voice of Vocation and The Courage to Teach

Stephen M.R. Covey -- Author of The Speed of Trust

Joe Frontiera -- Coauthor of Team Turnarounds

Neil Howe -- Coauthor of The Fourth Turning

Dr. Relly Nadler -- Emotional Intelligence expert, author of Leading with Emotional Intelligence (multiple interviews)

Gretchen Rubin -- NY Times best selling author of The Happiness Project

Michael Goldman -- Facilitation expert, author

Dave Gray -- Author of Game Storming - How Games At Work Inspire Creativity

Susan Gerke & David Hutchens -- Creators of GO Team Resources

 Les McKeown -- President and CEO of Predictable Success

Brian Biro -- Author of Beyond Success (interviewed Brian multiple times)

Dr. Steven Simpson -- Author of The Leader Who Is Hardly Known

Ali Brown -- "The entreprenurial guru for women" ~ Business News Daily

Dr. Lance Secretan -- Author of multiple best sellers on the topic of inspired leadership (interviewed Lance multiple times)

Michael Bungay Stanier -- Author of Do More Great Work

Bruce Tulgan -- Author of Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Robyn Benincasa -- Firefighter, Adventure Racer, Speaker

Cynder Niemela -- Author, Teamwork & Leadership Coach

Dave Buck -- Author, CEO of, Leadership Coach

Barry Rellaford -- Author, Senior Trainer at FranklinCovey (multiple interviews)

Gregg Levoy -- Author of Callings - Finding and Following an Authentic Life

John David Mann -- Coauthor of the NY Times best seller The Go-Giver (multiple interviews)

Thomas Koulopoulos -- Author, lecturer, leading innovation consultant

Bea Fields -- Author, Leadership Coach

Kevin Eikenberry -- Author, Leadership Coach

Phil Lawler -- Author and noted leader in the Physical Education arena

Ron Clark -- Author of The Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator's Rules For Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child

 Dr. Haydn Hasty -- Author and noted expert on Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Edward Hallowell -- Author of multiple NY Times best sellers

Michael Herman -- Author and noted expert on Open Space Technology

Dr. Chris Cavert -- Author of multiple books and noted expert on Adventure Learning and Experiential Learning

Dr. Laurence Martel -- Author of multiple books on learning and teaching including The 7 Secrets of Learning Revealed

Andy Stefanovich -- Founder of PLAY (now known as PROPHET) the creative ideas company

Dr. Jasper Hunt -- Author and Experiential Learning thought leader, professor at Minnesota State University

Dr. Paul Pearsall -- Author of multiple NY Times best sellers including The Heart's Code

Randy Siegel -- Author, consultant, trainer and thought leader in communications

Dr. Roger Greenaway -- Author and Experiential Learning thought leader and owner of the popular blog for facilitators and trainers Active Reviewing

Laurie Beth Jones -- Author of multiple NY Times best sellers including Jesus, CEO

Sam Sikes -- Author, trainer, and noted expert in Experiential & Adventure Based Learning

Dr. George Kohlrieser -- Negotiations expert and author of Hostage at the Table

Marc Kielburger -- Coauthor of Me To We - Finding Meaning in a Material World, cofounder of Free The Children

Dr. Jim Cain -- Author of Teamwork & Teamplay, noted expert in Experiential and Adventure Based Education

John Taylor Gatto -- Award winning educator, author of multiple books including The Underground History of American Education

Mark Victor Hansen -- Coauthor of Chicken Soup For The Soul, the best selling series of books of all time.

Dr. Michael Gass -- Author of multiple books including "Essential Elements of Facilitation" and "Book of Metaphors", professor at the University of New Hampshire

Michael Port -- Author of multiple books including Book Yourself Solid, leadership coach, speaker

Ron McMillan -- Author of multiple books including the NY Times best seller Crucial Conversations

Liz Cornish -- Author of Hit the Ground Running: A Woman’s Guide to Success for the First 100 Days on the Job

Dr. Dan Garvey -- President of Prescott College and noted expert in the field of Experiential Education

Dr. Joe Vitale -- Author of multiple books including The Attractor Factor

Ernest Oriente and Judy Feld -- Authors of Smart Match Alliances, coaches, thought leaders

Michelle Cummings -- Author of multiple books on Experiential Learning

Rick Tamlyn -- Leadership coach and coauthor of The Bigger Game

Doug Silsbee -- Leadership coach and teacher, author of Presence-Based Coaching

Rabbi Shais Taub -- Spiritual teacher and leader, author of God of Our Understanding

Merrick Rosenberg -- President and Chief Learning Officer at Team Builders Plus, speaker, trainer, coach, author of Taking Flight

Scott Hartl -- President & CEO of Expeditionary Learning

Susan Gerke -- Virtual Teams expert and author of The I in TEAM

Ed Manning -- Leadership coach, trainer, author of Alchemy for Leaders

John Birch -- Leadership coach, trainer, consultant

Katherine Crowley & Kathi Elster -- Authors of Working for You Isn't Working for Me

Bill Treasurer -- Author of multiple books including Courage Goes To Work   (multiple interviews)

Pat Richie -- Senior leadership trainer with The Table Group / Patrick Lencioni

Anthony Sillard -- Leadership coach and author of Full Alignment

Mike Cardus -- Team and leadership coach, author, director of Create-Learning

Christine Martell -- Facilitation expert, author

Karen Valencic -- Leadership expert, trainer, author of Spiral Impact - The Power to Get it Done With Grace

Alex Scordelis -- Founder of Improv Everywhere and author of Causing a Scene

Melanie Benson Strick -- Virtual Teams expert

Brian Burt -- Founder of Maestro Conference and Virtual Teams expert

Jenn Sramek -- Virtual Teams expert, Project Manager and Partner at

Shaun Callahan -- Virtual Communities expert, Chief Involvement Officer at

Jessica Lipnack -- Virtual Teams expert, author of

Charles Feltman -- Trust at work expert, author of The Thin Book of Trust

Mark Silver -- Small business expert, leadership coach, trainer

Michael Losier -- Best selling author of Law of Attraction, guest on Oprah

more coming soon...