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Bernie De Koven interview -- The Big "WE" and Coliberation

Live and interactive interview with author, speaker, and master of playfulness Bernie De Koven.

RECORDING:  CLICK HERE to download the recording.

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If the Big ME is the “peak experience,” CoLiberation or the Big WE, is like becoming a whole mountain range.

CoLiberation: Those moments in which we have actually managed to free each other from whatever constraints we usually impose on each other.

CoLiberation is something Bernie teaches to teams around the world. It can transform the way you interact. 

CoLiberation is how you create synergy.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You like to have fun and laugh or want more of that in your life
  • You lead meetings or attend meetings
  • You want to have more fun at work or anywhere else
  • You're a coach, facilitator, trainer, teacher

In this Webinar you'll get a chance to hear one of the foremost speakers on playing and learning through games AND you'll get to ask your questions!

About our special guest Bernie De Koven

Bernie DeKoven
Bernie De Koven
is a game designer, author, lecturer, TED speaker, and fun theorist. He is most notable for his book The Well Played Game, for his contributions to the New Games Foundation, his pioneering work in computer game design, and for his long-running web site,

Bernie is the author of Junkyard Sports, Power Meetings, and Connected Executives. A Playful Path, his most recent work, is a collection of essays from his popular blog deepFUN. DeKoven developed the interplay curriculum for Philadelphia’s public schools, and he has devised electronic games for toy and games manufacturers such as Ideal Toy Company, Children’s Television Workshop, Mattel Inc., and CBS software. 


Event Details


Coliberation - how to work (or play) extraordinarily well together.


Thursday  May 7, 2015


Starts at 1 pm Eastern (NY City time zone) and runs 55 minutes


Bernie De Koven, author of "The Well Played Game

Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


This event is FREE.


No need to register. Simply call 828-380-4393 (no "pin" needed). We'll also be live on the web at

NOTE: There is a 100 person limit to this event.

PHONE / How To Participate

This will be an interactive interview. You'll get to ask Bernie DeKoven questions via a chat window and via audio!

At the time listed above, simply call:

Phone: 828-380-4393  (no "pin" needed)

or join via the web from anywhere in the world:


This event was recorded and posted in the IATF Community Area.

CLICK HERE to download the recording.  Available for a limited time.


SLIDES: Click on the link below to download Bernie's slide deck (PDF file)


Download IATF - DeKoven for PDF