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How To Lead a Teambuilding Workshop Using Google Hangouts


This is a live 75 minute interactive workshop I led using Google Hangouts. I was in my home office in Asheville, North Carolina and the 30 participants were in Oswego, New York.

The workshop title: "How To Teach Leadership in the Engineering Classroom"

The audience was made up of middle school and high school technology and engineering teachers. 

Prior to leading the live event I met with Dr. Mark Springston and his three person team (graduate students) from SUNY Oswego. I taught the team how to use Google Hangouts. I sent a box of "props"  in advance  to Dr. Springston which you'll see participants use in the workshop. Dr. Springston's graduate students helped distribute the props during the session at planned times in the workshop.

I initiated the video sessioin so I could control the roving cameras (iPads) on my end. Dr. Springston logged in using his Google account and that put me on the big screen in front of the classroom. The 3 graduate students each logged in using their iPad and they roamed the room with those iPads which allowed  me to switch between iPads to offer a different view. 

The university had never used Google Hangouts in this manner and none of the workshop participants had ever participated in a live hands-on workshop led using this technology. This workshop received very high ratings from the participants. 

This was the 74th conference held yearly at the State University of New York in Oswego.  http://www.fallconference.com

Archive of the conference:  http://fallconferencesupport.com/program2013/#.U3n_fVyDz_Y


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