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Chad Littlefield interview -- "Two Concrete Tools for Asking Powerful Questions"

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"Everybody you will ever meet knows something you don't." - Bill Nye

You are the expert of your own experience. How might we access the wisdom each person holds though?

If you are a leader, trainer, consultant, or facilitator, you want to have all the knowledge, ideas, and stories from the group on the table in order to do your best work. If you are working to break down silos and replace communication barriers with employee engagement and trusting relationships, asking powerful questions is a necessary tool to create that future.

In this engaging TeleSeminar, Chad Littlefield will share 2 Concrete Tools for Asking Powerful Questions that he learned from facilitating over 500 conversations between 5,000 strangers as a facilitator trainer at World in Conversation. Chad will blend learnings from neuroscience and his practical experience to give you practical nuggets that you can use immediately with the groups you serve. 

You'll also learn a bit more about the backstory to why and how he created We! Connect Cards which are being used in over 30 countries to create conversations that matter.

About the Presenter


Chad Littlefield is the co-founder of We!™ His passion and energy for connecting people becomes immediately apparent when working with him.

Chad has shared his energy through designing and delivering programs for technology companies, startups, and nonprofits, as well as on the stage at TEDx (watch here).

As a professional speaker and facilitator, Chad designs fun, challenging, and engaging experiences and tools that connect people to people, and people to ideas. He has also worked as an instructor at Penn State University teaching students the art and science of team development facilitation and dialogue facilitation.

Chad holds a masters degree in Learning, Design, & Technology, and believes in the deeper learning that comes through experience. He captures this philosophy in his new book titled: a Pocket Guide to Facilitation Human Connections. Chad also led the design team that created We! Connect Cards turning his passion for asking powerful questions into a card deck that other people can use to create conversations that matter. Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF uses We! Connect Cards and loves them.

This TeleSeminar is for you if:

  • You're a leader.
  • You want to learn how to tap into the wisdom of your team.
  • You like to learn new facilitation skills. 

Ask your questions and get answers in this live interview! 


Event Details


"Two Concrete Tools for Asking Powerful Questions"


Wednesday  November 18, 2015


Starts at 12 pm Eastern (NY City time zone) and runs 55 minutes


Chad Littlefield, developer of "We! Connect Cards

Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


This event is FREE.


No need to register. Simply call 828-380-4393 (no "pin" needed). We'll also be live on the web at

NOTE: There is a 100 person limit to this event.

PHONE / How To Participate

This will be an interactive interview. You'll get to ask Chad Littlefield questions via a chat window and via audio!

At the time listed above, simply call:

Phone: 828-380-4393  (no "pin" needed)

or join via the web from anywhere in the world:


This event was recorded and the recording is posted in the IATF Members Only Area

The 55 minute recording (mp3) is available for a limited time on this page for all to access. Click on the link below. 





Watch Chad Littlefield on the TEDx stage: