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December 2015

Tom Heck interviewed by Julie Miles of the Platinum Group

“LET’S BE CLEAR” An interview with Tom Heck, by Julie Miles, Platinum Group

In a time when the world seems to be spinning in so many directions at once – where vast change and stagnation from the pandemic go hand-in-hand – clarity is a must. While there lies a huge opportunity to grow from all that we’ve learned, we must first begin by assessing where we are, and adopting the right tools. 

I was grateful when a local business coach (and long-time friend), Tom Heck, agreed to sit down and have a chat. For over 20 years, Tom has been teaching and coaching leaders and teams to identify their most pressing issues, and then launch into deeper connection with what they value in their business and each other. I knew he could be an invaluable resource to our Platinum Press (PP) community. The gem of Tom’s work is: don’t do anything until you define exactly what you are doing {and what you are not!},get the whole team on board, then, dive in!

What I walked away with from this talk was compassion for where we are, and clarity about what we need to do to create happy, sustainable teams.