Free Leadership Survey from Lance Secretan

Dr. Lance Secretan has created a free leadership survey.  Lance is an IATF Visiting Faculty Member and not only is he a brilliant guy, he is also a wonderful person.

Vector Personal Leadership Survey provides you with a unique window into the leadership styles of individuals, and the relationships between leaders and others. It will show you:

  • How you see yourself as a leader
  • How you think others see you as a leader
  • How others actually see you as a leader
  • How you compare as a leader to the rest of your leadership team

While there are numerous 360 degree surveys available, until now, very few of them asked the right questions or dig deep enough to gauge the true condition of the relationship between a leader and his or her peers, and those to whom he or she reports, as well as those who are being led.

This new, cutting-edge instrument is available for organizations that seek to ask deeper questions which uncover the secrets of strengthening relationships in organizations with COURAGE and INSPIRATION....two essential keys for building world class organizations.

CLICK HERE to access the free version of this Personal Leadership Survey.

Free "Leadership Agility" Assessment

What does it take to lead in a world of rapid change and increasing complexity?  The answer may be found in your "Leadership Agility".

From the book:

The speed of change and level of complexity in today's world are straining the capacities of many leaders almost to the breaking point.  These conditions have created what we call the agility imperative. To succeed in this new era, leaders, teams, and organizations need to be agile.

More and more companies are identifying "agility" as a key capacity their leaders need to ensure ongoing business success. Yet, few people really understand what agile leadership looks like in practice, how to assess it, and how to develop it.

The authors of Leadership Agility have created a free online self assessment that will provide you with a custom-tailored feedback message that tells you what your power style is.  Take the assessment HERE.  It's FREE!

Your power style is how you deal with situations at work where you want one thing and another person wants something else.  The assessment will reveal the pro's and con's of your power style, and it also gives you some specific ways to deal with these situations more effectively.

Thanks to IATF member Nina East with Personal Growth Princess for this tip!

Free DISC Personal Strengths Profile -- Discover What Drives You (and your team members)

If you want to know the real holdbacks to your success, and how to align with your own true personality traits for not only achievement but a life of fulfillment, take this free 15-minute online assessment right now!

More than two million people have taken this assessment to better understand their behavioral styles and personality types: both organizations that want to best integrate high-performance teams, and individuals who want to identify and maximize their personal strengths.

This is the famous "DISC" profile that many people pay $250 for.  This free assessment is quick and easy to take online and you receive TWO free 21-page reports instantly.  The reports help you understand how to APPLY what you find in your assessment in the real world.  The reports can be used during individual and team coaching sessions.

This free assessment is provided by Tony Robbins. 

CLICK HERE to take the assessment.


Explore the 7 Deadly Sins of Assessments

Have you thought about using assessments to help your team?

How do you know which assessment to use?  After all, I just Googled the phrase 'team assessment' which resulted in 174 million (MILLION!!) websites to visit and study!

Selecting the right assessment tool for your team can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

I don't have time to search haystacks so I went in search of experts instead. 

On June 28 I hosted a special 55 minute teleseminar with Jay Kipps, noted assessment tool expert.  Jay's company administers over 8,000 assessments each week in 24 countries (23 languages).  Having delivered over 3 million assessments, Jay's company has an amazing amount of experience to draw on - - experience that you can benefit from.  Why reinvent the wheel?

In this live teleseminar recording, you'll learn the biggest and most common mistakes of selecting, administering and leveraging assessments for teams. 

Three of the 7 Deadly Sins:
- - Confusing screening and selection
- - Using skill or IQ tests to predict performance
- - Using Type Indicators as performance predictors

This 55 minute recording will help you become an informed consumer so you're fully prepared the next time you need to use an assessment with your team or a team member.

This teleseminar recording includes lots of questions from the live audience.

Download 7_sins_of_assessments_1.mp3

Download a copy of the teleseminar notes below

Download common_assessment_mistakes.pdf

Download an article entitled "Assessing The Assessors -- Choosing The Right Profiling Tool For Your Training Business"

Download assessing_the_assessors.pdf

Assessments for Team Building

Test I've used a variety of assessments in my quest to help good teams become great teams. 

In the course of my research I found an assessment that will accurately predict an individual’s likelihood to succeed in a leadership role.

This assessment is so good, so accurate, it has been used in a court of law.

The assessment is taken online and is a state of the art, performance predicting, "psychometric" assessment tool suitable for selecting new leaders and developing existing leaders.

This assessment is packed with facilitation and coaching points that can be used to identify and capitalize on an individual’s greatest strengths.

If you qualify, you are eligible to take a FREE assessment online.  Learn more about this assessment here.

Jay_kipps I recently contacted Jay Kipps who is an assessment expert.  I asked Jay to help me gain greater clarity on this business of assessments.  I recorded the call so you can listen and learn about what makes a valid assessment and how to use them.  Click on the link below to listen to the interview.

Download jay_kipps_2_mp3_sm.mp3

Here is a document that identifies 12 criteria to use when selecting an assessment.  It's entitled "Assessing the Assessor -- Choosing The Right Profiling Tool For Your Training Business"

Download assessing_the_assessors.pdf


Leader as Coach Assessment

We’ve identified the 10 key skills, behaviors and style of the highly effective leader in the new millennium.

This assessment is helpful in the following ways:


  • To shift the company culture
  • To get everyone on the same track


  • As a blueprint for staff training
  • As a way to foster and develop teams


  • To strengthen interpersonal skills
  • To accelerate their career path

This eight-page assessment focuses on 10 areas:

  1. Personal Balance - A great manager starts with a strong person. Are you in good emotional shape? Physical? Do you know who ou are, what you most want and where you are along your path of development?
  2. High Productivity - High productivity is not a mystery; it simply requires a commitment and the tools, training and resources to make it happen naturally.
  3. Self-Management - If you don’t manage yourself, how do you expect anyone else to? Here’s a list of 10 ways to keep yourself on track.
  4. Communication - We know who people are by the way they communicate and relate with us. Here’s an advanced list of skills.
  5. Healthy Boundaries - Everyone wants and needs things from you. But you become a victim unless you protect yourself. Every company needs managers with strong boundaries.
  6. Quality Work - 100% is now barely enough.
  7. Taking Initiative - Companies desperately need managers to take initiative so that the firm can continue to create and stay ahead of the curve. This takes practice and willingness.
  8. Managing Up - It’s okay to help your manager to manage you better. This process is called “managing up.”
  9. Teamwork - Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone. Teams are the answer.
  10. Career Path - Either you’re designing your career or the circumstances are.

Price: $50

This assessment is only available to IATF membersBecome an IATF member HERE and receive immediate access to the IATF assessment archive.

Management Pro Assessment

Based on advanced statistical methods, The MANAGEMENTPRO™:

  • provides an overview of core personality traits as they apply to management, leadership and coaching roles
  • provides questions that can be used in the interview process if being used as a leadership selection tool
  • assesses emotional intelligence, comfort with conflict, self-confidence, pro-activity, and people orientation and much more
  • is an essential selection and leadership succession planning tool
  • assesses emotional intelligence
  • provides coaching and development strategies
  • provides feedback on matching to mentors, peers and staff
  • is available on-one 24/7
  • is available in 19 different languages

The MANAGEMENTPRO™ provides each individual with an overview of strengths and some career counseling on what to seek and what to avoid in career paths.

View Sample Profile

Management Style
The MANAGEMENTPRO™ also provides an overview of the person's management style. This includes a wide variety of competencies such as leadership style, communication style, how goals and strategies are implemented, approach to motivating others, approach to asking for commitment, approach to coaching and feedback style.

Sales Management Functions (optional)
The MANAGEMENTPRO™ assesses and reports on the key sales management issues. These include recruiting and attraction, sales training and development, sales force growth and performance management.

Experience a free evaluation of the MANAGEMENTPRO™ today:
If you are interested in using a statistically valid, psychometric assessment for your business, you can qualify for a complimentary evaluation by filling out the quick form at this link:

Click here for FREE evaluation

Upon completion of the form you will be contacted by alliance partner Jay Kipps of the Self-Management Group.

How can we use assessments to build a high performing team?
Click here to listen as Business Development Advisor Jay Kipps discusses this topic

Assessing the Assessors
Maximize your investment. Learn what to look for and avoid in an assessment tool. Read this article entitled Assessing the Assessors: Choosing the Right Assessment Tool for your Training Business by Jason Kipps and Colleen O'Brien-Wood, Ph.D.

Assessments For Teams and the People Who Lead Them

Leader as Coach Assessment
We’ve identified the 10 key skills, behaviors and styles of the highly effective manager in the new millennium. How do you measure up?  LEARN MORE

Certified Communicator Assessment
Great leaders are, by definition, great communicators. This self-assessment identifies 10 categories of communication “style” including: Listening, Articulating, Authenticity, and Maturity. Master all ten categories and become a “Certified Communicator”. LEARN MORE  link coming soon

Adrenaline Addiction Assessment
Many leaders struggle with an addiction that hurts their organizations, their families, and their job satisfaction. I'm not talking about the need for drugs or alcohol, but another powerful chemical: adrenaline. Take this self-assessment to determine if you are addicted and to what degree. LEARN MORE  link coming soon

Class Act Assessment
One of the highest compliments a leader can receive is to be called a person of Character - - a “Class Act”. This assessment is designed to help you understand where you are long this path of development and to provide guidance on how to become a Class Act.  LEARN MORE  link coming soon

High Impact Team Assessment
This assessment measures your team against 10 distinct practices of “High Performing Teams”. Use this assessment to gain clarity about where to invest your training and development resources.  LEARN MORE  link coming soon