Master List of Teambuilding Games

Below is the master list of IATF teambuilding games.  This list will be updated as new activities are added.

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Initiatives - Long
  problem solving games that take a longer amount of time and may involve more props

A-FrameAir LockAll Aboard,  Amoeba Electric Fence, Big Safe IslandChannelsFour ClientsGas LeakGiant Egg Ladder, Helium StickHot Stuff, Human KnotHuman LadderInfinite LoopsInhuman KnotKey PunchMazeRope PileStilts RiverTangramTeam Balance BoardTeam LabyrinthTrolleys with Duct Tape

Initiatives - Short
  problem solving games that take a shorter amount of time

Bandanna Cup MarbleConsensus RopesElastic BullseyeFocus RingFunder Bird, Hole TarpHoop PassJump Rope Record,  Paper TowerStepping StonesTeam TraksWarp SpeedWelded Feet,

Win-Win / Collaboration

Ain't No Flies On MeM & M Arm WrestleTeam Build-A-WordTennis Ball Madness

Debriefing (Processing) Activities

Body Part Debrief,  Metaphor Cards


All My NeighborsBag-O-QuestionsBig Question,  Human Bingo,  Name Tag


A What A WhichBack WritingButt SpellingMr. PotatoMrs. Wright


Trust Car,  Trust Circle Sit,  Trust FallTrust Wave,  Willow In The Wind 

Large Group Games
  The following games work well with large groups (hundreds of people)

Bandanna Cup MarbleCeiling ClockElastic BullseyeHole TarpMrs. WrightTeam Build-A-WordTrust Car

Fun & Fast Games

A Different DrumBandanna TagFunder Bird,  Human Taffy,  Partner Tag,  Partner Stand Up, 

Fun & Slow Games

Blanket Name GameBottoms UpButt SpellingDice RacingElectric HandsESPEye Scream,  Leg Nylon Head Ball,  Lycra Tube, 

No Prop (or very few/simple props)
  These activities require no props or very simple props

Ain't No Flies On MeBack WritingCount UpHuman Knot,  Interference,  Mrs. Wright,  M&M Armwrestle,  Paper TowerTrust Car,  Trust Circle Sit,  Trust FallTrust Wave,  Willow In The Wind,  Welded Feet


Butt PenniesCeiling Clock,  Egg Balance,  Hammer Puzzle,  Hidden NumbersIndex Card Challenge,  Jumping George,  Match Trick,  Nail Balance,  OK Poke Your Head,  Penny Goals

Toobeez Games

CubeBaton PassRobot WriterSnakeToxic Gas Leak

Team Timbers

Diamond Trust, Circular Walk,

Fishbowl Games
  These games can be led with a few people participating and others watching.

Mr. Potato


Full Contact Pinata